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SPSS by IBM - Discounted Campus License

The SPSS statistics software packages are available to University members through the software shop. The University IT Services holds a contract to sell these licenses; however, they cannot be sold from the University IT Services directly.

Update on SPSS Licenses

The new federal master agreement for SPSS and Amos has been concluded and is valid until 30.09.2024. 

The new terms of the SPSS licenses (apart from the first year of the master agreement) always apply from October 1st to September 30th of the following year. In the first year of the agreement, the license term is already valid from July 1st, 2020. This has now changed and the licenses are valid from 01.10.-30.09. of the following year (i.e. one winter semester and one summer semester). The cost per license and year is 42 €.  

SPSS version 28 available


SPSS 28 is available for Windows, Mac and Linux and can be acquired in the asknet shop. 

SPSS licenses available in software shop


License codes for SPSS (versions 26, 27 and 28 single-user and network licenses) can be acquired in the asknet software shop for 42 € for the licensing period from 01.10.2021 until 30.09.2022. 

The network licenses in the licensing server were updated on the 1st of October and version 28 has been available ever since. Network licenses are available in the software shop. We do not receive codes for the following modules anymore: “SamplePower”, “Visualization Designer”, “DC Author”, “DC Interviewer”, “DC Translation” and “TextAnalytics for Surveys”.

Please see following, more detailed information.

Direct link to software shop: (Freiburg University employees, institutes and institutions)

https:// (Freiburg University students)

Both licenses are identical.

SPSS licenses 2021/2022

Freiburg University members (University facilities, employees and students) can buy SPSS software through the asknet software shop . The Baden-Württemberg master agreement allows individuals to buy single-user licenses at a reasonable price. There are licenses for multiple versions (SPSS 26, 27 and 28) for the operating systems Windows, Mac and Linux. We recommend using the newest software version, especially if you acquire it newly. You can download the software code (this is not the license!) after acquiring the license. 

An authorization code (=license) is needed for the activation of the installation and use of the software. This is only available in the software shop, the University IT Services does not have authorization codes for single-user licenses (see below) and thus cannot hand out codes. The license is valid max. one year, up to a certain date (2021/2022 license official license period until 30.09.2022). There are no price reductions or rebates offered for licenses used for a shorter period.

An extension of the license, if needed, is to be acquired through a new order after the license runs out at the end of the period. The software may only be used by one person on max. 2 work stations simultaniously.

General Rules for Use of SPSS-Licenses

Licensed software can only be used in research and teaching at Freiburg University. It may not be passed on to third parties. 

Single-user licenses

SPSS single-user licenses can be acquired for 42 € in the software shop. Please contact the software shop operators in case of question or problems regarding the acquisition. The shop operator is not a contact for consultation surrounding the use or installation of the program. Contact data can be found on the software shop homepage (at the bottom).

Single-user licenses are valid until the end of the current license period in which they are acquired. At the end of the period (Sept. 30th), a new single-user license must be acquired. They are suitable for notebooks as well as other computers that are not always connected to the University's network.

Please note: As to our best knowledge, single-user licenses only receive one installation key! This key allows two installations of the program. Afterwards a new installation (even on the same computer) is no longer possible.

Before a new installation, it is recommended to uninstall older SPSS-versions. Otherwise the new version must not be installed in the same directory. An update of an older version is not possible!

Network licenses:

Network licenses can also be purchased in the university's software shop. 

Please contact IT Services ahead of time if an extensive demand (e.g. for supplying entire labs) occurs. Enquiries for larger numbers (>10) of 2021/2022 network licenses should be directed at the address below. The number of network licenses is limited. They are acquired by IT Services at the beginning of the license period for the entire year. In order to allow for an acquisition that matches the demand, we ask that the according data be taken in consideration when submitting a demand.

In addition to single-user licenses, there are network licenses available for institutions. These are provided by a network administrator via a license server (e.g. at the institute work space or in labs, restricted and without guaranteed availability, even when using a VPN). IT Services can currently not guarantee the availability of network licenses. This is especially the case for licensing exclusion of later purchase licenses.

Should problems occur with the lab-license-model, e.g. the buyer does not receive a license from the license server because too many non-buyers are using licenses from the license pool, acquired licenses will be fixed to the proprietor for the duration of the respective license year. Network licenses will then only be available to the proprietor within the desired scope. IT Services may terminate the user-friendly license-lab-model in case of temporarily high demand. If the availability is crucial at all times for a specific work-place, a single-user license should be considered. For SPSS network licenses, the computer must be connected to the University´s network through an IP-address.

License Distribution for Network Licenses

For using network licenses, a connection to the license server is required. The computer must be connected to the University´s network. More information can be found in the IT Services Wiki:

SPSS Baden-Württemberg license

1) IBM SPSS Statistics consists of the following modules:

  • Statistics Base
  • Advanced Statistics
  • Bootstrapping
  • Categories
  • Complex Samples
  • Conjoint
  • Custom Tables
  • Data Preparation
  • Decision Trees
  • Direct Marketing
  • Exact Tests
  • Forecasting
  • Missing Values
  • Neural Networks
  • Regression

2) IBM SPSS Amos (Windows only)

Limitations of the SPSS Baden-Württemberg license

The SPSS licenses offered through IT Services are offered at a low price as it was acquired centrally as part of a Baden-Württemberg license for multiple universities. This involves regulations that cannot be changed by Freiburg University IT Services, which brings some disadvantages with it:

Licenses are valid only for a specific period and need to be renewed after this period (Version SPSS 2021/2022: until Sept. 30th 2022). This date does not change, no matter when the license is acquired.

A further disadvantage is that by acquiring the license, one does not automatically become an IBM customer; this means that one does not have rights to technical or other support from IBM/SPSS. Direct support requests from customers have been categorically declined or endlessly deferred. Even Freiburg University's IT-Services receives support only for specific technical problems. Licensing problems (not regarding use or installation of the program!) should first be directed to the asknet software shop.

SPSS licenses must be acquired and paid in advance for the new license year. This can only be done with reference to detailed calculations based on the demands in previous years. If there is a sudden, unannounced increase in demand, this can lead to problems.

Therefore, please inform us ahead of time should you plan on acquiring a larger amount of SPSS software.


No Consultation for SPSS

The consultation for SPSS (installation, use, courses) had to be terminated  with the departure of the longtime consultant. The software shop, apart from questions regarding purchases, is not a contact for installation and use.

This tip might help some users solve the problem themselves:

Most of the error messages from IBM have an error code (e.g. error 2072 symptom 4). If you google this, together with “SPSS”, there is usually a Technote that appears. This describes the problem, its cause and offers a solution with instructions. Example:

The RRZN scripts to SPSS, which used to be offered at the University IT Services, are no longer available (since 2016), since the sale of all RZZN manuals at the University IT Services has been discontinued.


FAQ: Responses to frequently asked questions

  • Yes, licenses for 2021/2022 (SPSS 26, 27 or 28) are now available – exclusively – in the software shop. 
  • No, IT Services does not distribute SPSS licenses free of charge (not even to students).
  • No, neither IT Services nor the software shop offer consultation regarding the use of the program.
  • No, there is no point in coming to the IT Services building with one's laptop to acquire a license.
  • No, IT Services does not have specific forms for requesting SPSS.
  • No, the SPSS license is not a stand-alone program; it is merely a code for using SPSS. In addition, you will need an SPSS program.
  • No, the SPSS license is not a stand-alone program; it is merely a code for using SPSS. In addition, you will need an SPSS program. Code and program are not the same thing.
  • Yes, SPSS licenses are only available for members of Freiburg University. If you are not a member of Freiburg University, you cannot acquire SPSS in the Freiburg University software shop.
  • Members of other Freiburg institutions/clinics should contact the responsible office of their institution´s/clinic´s IT Services.
  • Acquiring SPSS does not mean that one will receive support from IBM since one does not become a customer of IBM.

Questions regarding license acquisition for SPSS and SAS should be directed to

Stand: October 1st 2021



Status 2021

The SAS licenses are no longer available in the software shop, as there are no active users at the university. As a result, the IT Service Center has not been procuring SAS licenses since 2020.