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Screenpresso is a user-friendly screenshot tool, which you can use to take photos or videos of your desktop, to edit them, and to directly insert them into documents, presentations, or emails.

What is Screenpresso?

Screenpresso is a user-friendly screenshot tool, which you can use to take images or videos of your desktop. It is possible to select the entire desktop or a specific section. Recordings an images can be edited and annotated. The edited recordings and images can then directly be inserted into documents or sent via email.

Screenpresso is available as limited free-version or as full version. Freiburg's IT Services has licensed the full version in order to make it available for employees (for work-related purposes).

Overview of functionalities

  • Creating screenshots and videos of the entire screen or of a section
  • Editing functions with integrated editor
  • Adding annotations, arrows, numbers, etc. Revising these at a later point is also possible
  • Scroll-down screenshots, that is, screenshots connected via more than one page
  • OCR-function: text-recognition
  • Numerous formats for exporting data, including all common image and video formats as well as pdf
  • Recording videos with audio (both via microphone and system-audio)
  • Publication via integrated cloud- and social media services
  • Use of the software is possible also without installation


Exclusively for employees of Freiburg University: Screenpresso full version free of charge  

As an employee of Freiburg University, you can use the full version, which allows for editing recordings at a later point, includes extensive editing functions, and does not mark recordings with the producer's logo.


You will first need to install the program version (free of charge), which will in a second step ask for a license key to turn this version into a full version.

Step 1: Download the free program version 

Download the free version from our website. You need to authenticate with your university account. Only employees of the university have access.   

Screenpresso Download und Aktivierung

Step 2: Installation

After downloading, you can install Screenpresso on Windows or start it directly. 

Step 3: Change to full version

  1. You will receive the license key for the full version on our website after logging in with the university account: Link 
    Copy the license key - Tip: best with Copy & Paste (right click copy and paste or with CTRL+C & CTRL+V) to avoid transfer errors!
  2. Select the Screenpresso-Icon (red) in your menu bar (right button click) and select „Upgrade to Pro“.
  3. A new window will open. Here you will need to insert the license key (Tip: use the copy & paste function in order to avoid errors). 
  4. After entering the license key, the Screenpresso Free-Version will automatically change to the Screenpresso Pro-Version and all additional functions will be available.


A detailed user guide can be found here

Please note:

The license is available only for employees with a user account.

The license key allows for use only for work-related purposes. Private use is not included. Teaching staff and students are also not allowed to use the software and neither are affiliated members of the university hospital.

Contact and support 

IT Services can unfortunately not offer support for installation or use of the software!

Should you experience difficulties in accessing the license key, please contact: