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MATLAB and Simulink by Mathworks - Baden-Württemberg License

MATLAB is a high level language for technical computation and an interactive environment, for example, for visualizing and analyzing data or numerical calculations.

As of April 1st 2013 the Matlab license contract is in place. All employees and students of Freiburg University are entitled to use the license. Employees of the University Medical Center are entitled to use the license if they are also a member of the Faculty of Medicine. The license duration is 5 years. 

*Please note the comment about the 32- and 64-bit releases for MATLAB below.

The license encompasses Simulink as well as more than 60 tool boxes in addition to the basic package.

As part of the license three product versions are available:

1. Via TAH (Total Academic Headcount) Campus Option for employees of university institutions

  • Individual licenses
  • Network licenses

2. Via TAH student option for students of Freiburg University

  • Student licenses

Please note:

The Campus Option permits installation on computers in university institutions. Employees can also use individual licenses on private computers. Network licenses are recommended if an institute wishes to use their own license server for installing the software in computer labs or if you like to participate with the central license server at the IT Service Center.

Student licenses can be installed only on private computers (up to two installations or simultaneous usages). 

From the contract:


TAH – Campus Option. During the License Term, Programs may be installed and used by Licensed Users on Licensee-owned or leased individual, standalone computers and computers that are in a network configuration...

Licensee‟s faculty and academic staff who are Licensed Users may install and use the Programs on their personally owned computers, on campus, off campus, and via remote access. Under this TAH – Campus Option, students qualify as Licensed Users solely for the purpose of using the Programs in on-campus computing facilities and are expressly prohibited from installing and executing the Programs on their personally owned computers. …


TAH – Student Option. During the License Term, Programs may be installed and used by student Licensed Users only on their personally owned or leased computers. Student Licensed Users may not use a Program on more than two (2) Computers simultaneously, whether installed on individual standalone Computers or on networked Computers. Licensee‟s faculty and academic staff cannot be considered "Licensed Users" under this TAH - Student Option.

Software acquisition  (Campus Option)

Individual licenses can be purchased via the Softwareshop of Freiburg University  for 150 € per license. The license is active from April 1st for one year (until April 1st the following year). The cost remains the same if the license is acquired at a later point in the year.

Network licenses are ordered directly through IT Services and a license server must be operated. The cost depends on the number of simultaneous users per year and is between 200 € per user (for 1-5 users) and 60 € per user (for more than 50 users). Please contact IT Services directly for purchasing a license (

Software acquisition  (Student Option)

Students can acquire the software (TAH Student Option) free of charge through the Softwareshop of Freiburg University  (registration necessary). Please note that the download and activation of MATLAB requires a MathWorks-account. For this you will recquire a university e-mail account, i.e. an e-mail account with one of the following domains:
If you don't have a university mail address yet, you can create one via MyAccount (Log in with your university account --> Mail & List Management --> University Mail Account; see also here). 

More information on Mathworks-accounts will be supplied after having placed an order with the softwareshop.


The software can be downloaded either directly via the softwareshop (employees), the Math-Works-portal (students and employees) or via a secure page as ISO-image through an IT Services server (only employees).

The activation keys for individual as well as student licenses are supplied by the softwareshop when purchasing a license. 

A guide for Installation of all licenses is available on the Mathworks web page. For the activation you will need a Mathworks-account. This mathworks account has to be created with an e-mail account from Freiburg University (@* or from the University Medical Center (

See the platform road map for the latest information on planned platform changes to MathWorks products.

Please contact with any questions.