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ESRI ArcGIS - Baden-Württemberg License

ESRI offers a worldwide leading geographical information system (GIS): ArcGIS. Moreover, multiple extensiosn with space-related data are available.


ESRI is a known and worldwide leading producer of software for administration and analysis of space related data, in short for GIS. With its product Arcgis, it offers a system that is a standard for usage of GIS.

At Freiburg University ESRI products can be used since 1st January 2011 for teaching, education, and non-commercial research as part of the Baden-Württemberg license.

The contact person for licensing, acquisition, and usage is to be found at the bottom of the page.


ESRI Product Family / ArcGIS

The ESRI product family consists of several software components with which diverse tasks in connection with space related data can be completed.

The most common component is ArcGIS desctop, a desctop program with multiple geoprocessing and analysis as well as the possibility for design and rendering of high quality map products.

ArcGIS desctop is offered in the three degrees Basic (ArcView), Standard (ArcEditor) and Advanced (ArcInfo), with ArcInfo as the most extensive version. The product can be supplemented with multiple extensions for specific analyses.

Software Licensing and Acquisition

The common way for software licensing is the use of a "Floating License"-version, which reverts back to the configurated licesne server. For this the computer needs to be connected to the internet and be operated in Freiburg University's network.

You can access the media required for the installation of the software after logging in with your Uniaccount via the following link: Download list ESRI


Students can download the software and the license file after log in with their university account here.


Web-based Training Offers

ESRI provides extensive web-based training offers for basic applications of GIS, and specifically for the GIS product ESRI:

As part of the ESRI-Baden-Württemberg license Freiburg University can provide access for most of its courses free of charge, by sending invitations from ESRI upon request. The basis for the participation is an individual ESRI account, which must be created by the user.


Software Financing

The costs for the part of the ESRI-Baden-Württemberg license that is paid by Freiburg University amounts to roughly 24.000 € per year. This amount is financed by the Faculty of Environment and Natural Ressources for the years 2019 to 2022.

Currently no concrete information can be given about financing after this period of time.


Contact Persons

    • General Support, Installation, Licensing and Software Acquisition

Dr. Klaus Braun
Faculty of Environment and Natural Ressources
Physical Geography

    • License Server - IT-Services

Dr. Klaus Braun
Faculty of Environment and Natural Ressources
Physical Geography

Philipp Michels
IT Services Freiburg University

Dr. Detlev Degenhardt
IT-Services Freiburg University

    • Web-based training offers

Rafael Hologa
Faculty of Environment and Natural Ressources
Physical Geography

Andreas Steinbrich
Faculty of Environment and Natural Ressources
Professorship for Hydrology

Further Information