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MAXQDA - Qualitative and quantitative data and text analaysis

University students can borrow licenses for MaxQDA Plus (acquired centrally by the IT Services) or use MAXQDA Analytics Pro on campus, both free of charge. Employees and researchers may seek consultation regarding the acquisition thereof.

MAXQDA for students

University of Freiburg students can use MAXQDA free of charge.

How can I use MAXQDA as a student?

You have two possibilities:

1. Usage in poolroom

MAXDQA Analytics Pro is available for use on the computers in the IT Services Lehrpool in the Werthmannstraße 4 in the rooms 001 and 003*. Since there are currently no courses
taking place there, students may use the program in this poolroom from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. on weekdays and from 9 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. on Saturdays. The course image under which MAXQDA is licensed is called "MAXQDA 2022 Windows 10 LTSC". 
It is also still possible to use some pool computers from any location via the browser at Simply log in with your Uniaccount and select "Normaler Betrieb" and then the course room will also be called "MAXQDA 2022 Windows 10 LTSC". 

When using the course image, please remember to save your project´s data on your personal homedirectory or on an external drive. Data saved "locally" on the computer (e.g. on the desktop) will be deleted when the computer is shut down. Also, notice the instruction: How can I access my personal home directory from home?

2. Network license rental

Unterstützt von StuRa


Additionally, there are 40* network licenses available (*30 of which were kindly financed by the student committee) for use on personal computers. These are lent to students for a period of 3 months for the processing of their theses (bachelor, master, or doctoral).

To be added to the lending list, send an e-mail to


When can I expect to receive the license? 
Due to the additional network licenses financed by the student Committee, the waiting time is considerably reduced. Currently, there are still some licenses available. However, it is still advisable to register on the waiting list early or to ask about the waiting time. This is done without further obligation. For example, you can also indicate the period of time in which you need the software for future use. We will then try to take this information into account.
Can I extend the rental period of 3 months?
Basically, no. However, if you are not able to meet the deadline, contact If you fail to do so, your computer will be deleted from the list of authorized computers without warning.
You do, in principle, have the possibility to put your name on the waiting list a second time. However, as is the case for the first time, some waiting time must be expected.

MAXQDA for researchers and employees

Over the last 4 years, there has been an increasing number of enquiries regarding the software MAXQDA. Since 2016, the University IT Services has been trying to centralize the aqcuisition of the MAXQDA licenses in order to minimize outlay, administration and costs.

Since we procure the (rental) licenses once a year, each with a term of one year, the new licenses can therefore always be made available only at the end of November. This is why you should plan the procurement via the Uni IT Services in advance. 

For needs prior to this date, you can rent network licenses for a fee. We calculate the prices for the rental period during the year. You can register up to two computers per network license that are supposed to get access to the software. Please note that both computers may/should not work with the software at the same time. The only restriction for the use of the network license is that you must be connected to the internet to use MAXQDA (no offline use supported).  

Should you be interested in the usage or purchase of MAXQDA licenses, please send us a message through We will gladly inform you about the possibilities for the acquisition and the usage of the program.