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Foxit Phantom PDF Editing Software

The IT Service Center has acquired licenses for Foxit Phantom software from Foxit. Employees can purchase these licenses from the IT Service Center at a reasonable price.

Foxit Phantom Education

The IT Service Center has looked at several PDF editing programs as an alternative to Adobe Acrobat and noticed  that Foxit Phantom is a good and performant PDF edition solution for Windows and Mac.

Based on this, after several test runs in 2020, the  IT Service Center finally procured a contingent of Foxit Phantom Education licenses at a reasonable pricing.

Licenses and costs

Foxit Phantom Education is available as a perpetual license for Windows and Mac. 

The cost per license is a one-time fee of 65 € including support until January 2022. The support can be extended the next year. For this you would have to contact the IT Service Center again. Otherwise, the licenses can be used permanently in the last version covered by support ("perpetual licenses").

The software may be installed and used on one device per license. There is no right to use it on a second device. However, you can deactivate the license in the program itself and reactivate it on a new computer.

Purchase of the software

Employees can purchase the software for use in the workplace. If you are interested in the software, please send a mail to 

The software will then be invoiced internally, so you should make sure that your institution covers the costs. 

As soon as we receive the confirmation and a billing address, we will send you the link for the installation files and the serial number. You can then start using the software immediately after downloading and installing.


If you have any further questions, please contact