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LabView - Collective License

LabVIEW ("Laboratory Virtual Instrumentation Engineering Workbench") is a graphic development environment for scalable design-, control-, regulate-, and test-applications and it allows users to register real signals, to gain meaningful information from raw data through data analysis as well as through collective use of results through intuitive displays, reports, and the internet.

LabView is being used in several areas at the University. The current license is a "Campus Teaching Maintenance" license which applies only for teaching. This means that the license cannot be used for research! Quote: "In no event, however, may the software be used for research purposes under this license". But in November 2016 we purchased "Research Only" licenses.

If you like to use LabView for your research, please write to

The license includes:

  • Meas. Studio
  • Imaq Vision
  • LabVIEW RT
  • weitere AddOns


So far, the following institutions contribute to the collective license: Physics, IMTEK, Chrystallography, FMF, Botanical Garden, Biology 1, Physical Chemistry, and the Department for Neurosurgery. The yearly license costs are distributed amongst these institutions. Only institutions that contribute to financing the license are able to acquire it.

Passing the software on to students is included in the license agreement.

Interested parties should contact