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Mathematica - Campus License

Freiburg University has rented a Mathematica Campus License.

Mathematica Campus Agreement - UNLIMITED at Freiburg University



3-year agreement between Freiburg University and Firma ADDITIVE GmbH for rental of software Mathematica and further Wolfram Research products with payment of yearly rental fees.


Duration: 01.04.2021 - 31.03.2024

End of Agreement

After 3 years, the contract can be renewed. ADDITIVE will make an offer ahead of time.


Mathematica License Access

Freiburg University has an unlimited license for Mathematica. Access is granted through the administrator. The agreement allows passing the license on to students of the institute.

Access rights

All employees and students of the following institutes:


  •  Mathematics and physics
  •  IMTEK and the programs of study

      11-286 Microsystem Engineering,

      11-986 Microsystems Engineering and

      11-672 Sustainable Systems Engineering

      11-787 Embedded Systems Engineering

      11-987 Photovoltaics

  • IT Services
  • FMF - "Freiburg Materials Research Center"

License Fees

<Activation-Key> English Version of the form.


Registration only with the following e-mail addresses

@[…] or



License Server

A license server is not available.

For updates or upgrades of an existing installation, delete the prior license server file before using the activation key. (memory location:

Software download



ADDITVIE Professional Support Tel.: 06172 - 5905- 20

  • Quality: You have access to level-2-support (the highest qualification)
  • Priority: Response within one workday
  • Remote: support on your computer or presentation on an operator's screen
  • FTP: upload/download of your data for inspection
  • Code: Support for design and automatical processes (no debugging)
  • web packages: Access via


Mathematica offers documentation in English in its Documentation Center, which has been recreated here: Mathematica Documentation Center

Usage packages

Mathematica offers over 30 additional modules developed within Mathematica. They offer additions for specialty areas such as optics, finance analysis, or thermal analysis. The agreement allows cost efficient rental of additional packages .


Further Products within the Agreement

For the following Wolfram Research Products a reduced yearly fee is part of the agreement. Contact ADDITIVE for further information:

Faculty Home-Use Inclusive! More information here
webMathematica Amateur Separate via administrator. More information here. 
Wolfram Workbench Mathematica-development enviornment free of charge via administrator. More information here
Wolfram Lightweight Grid Manager

This extension steers and controls the use of Mathematica calculations on remote hardware. Separately available via administrator.

More information here.


Contact person for Mathematica at Freiburg University:

Physikalisches Institut
IT Service
Herr Gerald Endres


Ansprechpartner bei ADDITIVE

Vertrag und Administration
Herr Andreas Heilemann


Tel: +49 6172-5905-20


 More Iformation: