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VPN Clients - Download

On this site you will find (pre-configured) VPN clients and documentation on using Freiburg University's wireless network.

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Download within university network

The following downloads are accessible only within the university network:


Windows (7 / 8/ 8.1/ 10) - New AnyConnect-Client

The new AnyConnect-Client can be installed in two ways. The first option might be easier.

Installing them function in the same way for the 32- and for the 64- Bit version.

Option 1: Download and install the AnyConnect-Clients

Detailed instruction can be found here (PDF).

Option 2: Log in through a web-browser and go through authentification procedures 

  • After logging in through eduroam from home, you need to access the following link:
  • Enter the required information (Uni-ID and eduroam-password (RAS-password)). This will enable installation.
  • You may be asked once whether you trust the certificate, which you will have to confirm.
  • Note: Your web-browser may need to activate Java

► Detailed instructions can be found here: (PDF).





Download from outside the university network

Students, employees, and certain other people in possession of a personal Uni-Account of Freiburg University can download the VPN-Client from home after having undergone authentification.

Download via login


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