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VPN - Introduction

VPN (Virtual Private Network) ensures a secure connection to the internet from you computer via the university's WLAN or via the "red plugs" in the walls. Additionally there are plugs in the lecture halls with a connection via VPN.

All access points are listed here

Your computer receives a temporary university IP-address upon login. VPN is necessary for using the Freiburg University WLANuni-fr and/or for using university internal services via the internet. For each application there are specific profiles available for download. You will ahve to download the VPN-Client software before using these services or access options. Upon login you will be asked to authenticate yourself with a Uni-Account-Name and your eduroam-password (RAS-password).

The Cisco VPN-Client is avaiable via the following options: 



For fruther information:  RZ-Wiki / VPN-Artikelübersicht

Please check on Redi if your journal is available via VPN.



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