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Camtasia is a computer screen recording tool, recording everything seen on a computer monitor. Camtasia is often used to record presentations during a seminar or to show what steps are taken in applying a new software.




With the help of authoring tools, digital teaching and learning materials, e-learning modules and interactive content can be created with little effort and without programming knowledge, which can then be made available in ILIAS.

With Camtasia, we introduce you to an easy-to-use tool.


Camtasia is a real-time screen recording program that records every action on the screen as a video. The screen can be recorded completely or in sections. Parallel to the screen recording, audio comments, the output system sound and / or webcam / camera recordings can be recorded. After recording, the resulting production is saved and can then be edited in the Camtasia Editor. An important feature is the picture-in-picture functionality, which allows a main video (for example, a presentation) to be displayed large and another video (for example, the video recording of the speaker) to be displayed small next to it. A large number of effects (e.g. cross-fades, transition effects, zooms and pans, and graphic overlays) and a tool for inserting subtitles are available. The recorded elements (audio, video, etc.) are displayed in different tracks and can be cut to the second.

Additionally, media files can be imported. In addition to the in-house CAMREC format, Camtasia supports the media formats MPEG, AVI, WMV, MP4, MP3, and WMA, as well as common image formats such as JPG and PNG.

After import, media data can be represented as new tracks and then synchronized with existing content and tracks
Camtasia offers multiple export formats, including MP4, wmv, mov and avi. The software runs on both Microsoft Windows and Mac OS (custom versions).


  • uncomplicated live recording of presentations, lectures, information sessions, talks by guest speakers, project presentations, etc.
  • studio recordings of (program) demonstrations, tutorials, experimental instructions
  • Post-processing possible - but not mandatory



You will need a laptop or desktop computer with Camtasia software, a microphone/headset, and optionally a webcam.


Do you want to create your own recordings, e-learning units, multimedia presentations, or interactive teaching/learning materials using an authoring tool? The Computer Center offers notebooks for rent that are equipped with Camtasia. You can borrow these using the lending service loan form. You will need a Lenovo ThinkPad T440s. Please indicate under comments that you need a notebook with Camtasia to produce an educational video. If you do not have your own headset, we will provide you with one from the E-Learning department in addition to the notebook.

If you record frequently, you can purchase your own license of Camtasia from the university software store at a university price.

We would also be happy to advise you on usage and application  scenarios and support you in using the respective programs.

Please contact us for further information:
, Tel. 0761 203-4600


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