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Electronic tests

E-exams are now increasingly part of everyday examination practice at many German universities. The E-Learning department offers support in planning and conducting electronic exams.



The use of electronic examinations often means a high logistical effort and legal uncertainties. In two projects that have been successfully carried out at the University of Freiburg since 2012 with various cooperation partners, corresponding experience has been gained and the effort required has been significantly minimized.


Please note:
Taking into account the new regulations §32a and b in the LHG, which came into force on 01.01.2021, the Corona Statutes of the University of Freiburg have been extended and will also allow online examinations to be conducted under video supervision from 01.02.2021. For further information and guidelines, please refer to the page "Scenarios for exams" in our digital teaching toolbox.

Exam types

As a result of the bwEKlausuren project, students at the University of Freiburg can be examined electronically in various ways:

  • E-test
    This is a "classic" e-exam, in which the computers used connect to an examination platform on which the exam is made available. An e-exam consists of exam questions that can be answered on the computer. In addition to questions that can be evaluated automatically, such as single- or multiple-choice, questions can also be enriched with images and video material. Even free-text answers offer numerous advantages, as many students are now more accustomed to typing on keyboards than handwriting.
  • E-exam
    E-exams in a virtualized computer environment (virtual machines = VM) can be used to test work or the use of software. The "virtual machines" can be configured by the examiners themselves.the use of Excel, Eclipse, RStudio or other programs during the examination is thus no longer a problem.  "bwLehrpool" is used, optionally in combination with the e-exam server for the submission of the work results. Existing PC pools can also be used with locally installed software in combination with the "Safe Exam Browser" and the e-exam server.
  • Online exams
    In online exams, participants usually take the exam from home. Online exams can be conducted with or without video supervision. You can find more information on the various online exam formats in our digital teaching toolbox.


The current e-examination concept uses bwLehrpool to configure the examination computers. Thus, it is theoretically possible to turn PC pools across the campus into an electronic exam center within minutes, and to implement one of the two scenarios mentioned above.

Safe Exam Browser

The Safe Exam Browser is a software that was developed at ETH Zurich and ensures that the exam computers can actually only be used for the exam. Access to USB sticks, Google and Co. is prevented and only the software that is approved for the exam may be used.


Exam rooms

By using bwLehrpool, theoretically any PC pool on campus can be used for e-exams. In the meantime, however, the University of Freiburg has several rooms that offer sufficient capacity for exams. On the one hand, there are the PC pools in the computer center at Hermann-Herder-Straße 10, where a total of about 80 seats are available in four rooms. On the other hand, six rooms with a total of about 150 seats can be used in the joint pool and e-examination center at Werthmannstraße 4.

Please note.
Due to Corona, there are currently only up to 70 seats available for e-exams (26 in the computer center and 44 in Wertmannstraße 4).

Contact and office hours

The E-Learning department provides its know-how and supports you in planning and conducting your e-examinations.

If you wish to take exams electronically, please contact us at least eight weeks before the exam date.

Please note the current office hours:

    Tuesdays 14:00 - 18:00h
    Thursdays: 08:00 - 12:00h

Only during these times can requests for e- and online exams be handled at this time. If needed, online meetings can also be arranged within these time slots.
Please contact us preferably by mail:

Phone: 203 - 4697

More information


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