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Groupserver GROUPS

Asynchronous collaboration through the internet.



Direct link to GROUPS:

GROUPS (Basic Support for Collaborative Work) is a platform for asynchronous collaboration via the internet. Texts, presentations, and other formats are stored on a central service, accessible via the internet. 

Everyone with internet access, a browser, and the proper access rights, can partake in the collective work.  The groupserver is available to members of the university. The groupserver supports collaboration in administration or within research projects through professional document management and efficient project management.


Functions and advantages: overview  

  • Access regardless of time or place through internet
  • Sharing of documents and material through shared work spaces. Owners can self-administer and create these work spaces. 
  • Password protected access of platform and content
  • Version function which allows recuperation of older versions




  • web browser
  • Uni-Account. In order to access the server you will either need an Account of the University or to be invited by a document owner.
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General support, administration, and user support:, phone: 0761 203-4600

Support und Beratung


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