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Virtual Classroom BigBlueButton

Audio/video communication and collaboration with the open source solution BigBlueButton

With a valid university account as an employee*, you can set up your own virtual meeting room, which you can use independently with moderation rights.

Organizers, participants, and external guests - who can be invited to the meeting room at any time - only need a broadband Internet connection, a current browser, a headset, and (if desired) a webcam for video transmission. The installation of a client is not required. Use with Firefox or Google Chrome is recommended.

Functions and advantages at a glance


  • Audio / video communication and chat. Communicate in real time via your headset, webcam, and text chat.
  • Share documents. Upload your PowerPoint presentation (as a PDF), other PDF files, or links to external video files to the online meeting room and share and discuss them with other participants.
  • Screen sharing. Show others your entire screen content, a section, or a specific program/window on your computer.
  •  Collaborate. Collaborative tools such as the whiteboard allow you to work on content simultaneously - both in plenary sessions and in virtual workgroups (breakout groups).
  • Mobile meeting participation. Users can also participate in meetings on the move via a browser on a tablet or smartphone.


Technical requirements, first steps and support

  •  Internet connection (DSL, 16 Mbit recommended)
  • current browser (Firefox or Chrome recommended)
  • all operating systems are supported
  • headset and WebCam


Quick guide:

  • From there you can create and manage your own rooms and generate invitation links.
  • When creating a room, you will be asked whether participants should be muted when entering, whether every participant can start the meeting and which rights participants should have.
  • You can add a room access code and a waiting room for arriving participants to BigBlueButton meetings.
  • Send the link to the meeting to your participants, they enter a name or pseudonym when entering the room, under which they are then displayed in the room.


Would you like to conduct an online session?

  • We have compiled information on the technical requirements, preparation for your first meeting, and help with technical difficulties for you on our BigBlueButton page in the "Digital Teaching Toolbox".
  • Integration into ILIAS Meeting rooms can also be integrated into any courses and groups and managed via the learning platform.



Please contact us if you have any questions:, 0761 203 4600


Privacy information

Please read our Datenschutzinformation before using BigBlueButton.