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File server: Restrictions due to cooling failure in KG2

Due to cooling problems (see [1]) at our second site, all systems there have to be shut down. Our main site in the data center is not affected. However, due to the shut down of the second site geo-redundant backup of data from our main site to the second site is no longer available.

The data that was previously backed up at the second site will remain there. However, all data created on the main system from now on until the second site is available again will remain exclusively in our main site and will therefore no longer be further backed up in a georedundant (geo-redundancy) secured. The data in the main site is well protected due to the system architecture, so that a failure of several hard disks and even a server in the main system is not a problem and the data is still safe. There are no other restrictions for our main system, so you can use our service normally without any further restrictions.

As soon as the second site is available again, the data from the main system will be regularly mirrored on the second system. Our colleagues at TGM are working at full speed to repair the defective cooling supply. We therefore hope that the outage will only last a few hours and that we will be able to offer our usual service again tomorrow. We ask for your understanding and will keep you informed.

Yours sincerely,
Your Storage Team