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bwLehrpool scanning station in the basement RZ

A scanner station with an A3 scanner is now available in the basement of the RZ (room -111, near the printers).
bwLehrpool scanning station in the basement RZ

Scanstation RZ UG

The A3 scanner previously located in room -110 was moved to room -111, which should be better known as the basement room with the printers, the release station and the paper cutters. The connection was upgraded to 1Gbit/s for a faster start. After logging in, a suitable environment is automatically started, which contains the scanner drivers and a programme for direct scanning as well as basic graphics processing (gimp). Generated graphic files can be stored in the own network home directory, the "shared drive" of the RZ and of course on USB sticks.

A separate station was set up because, on the one hand, room -110 is currently used for bwLehrpool-remote (see also note on door) and, on the other hand, the previous scanner workstation was sometimes used for other work and was therefore not always available when needed.