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VPN Introduction

VPN stands for Virtual Privat Network and ensures a secure connection to the internet from your computer to the university's network to use internal and external ressources of the university.

If you connect with the VPN, you get a public IP-adress of the University of Freiburg.

You have to install the VPN-client-software. For the connection you need to authentificate with your University Account with the extension and your eduroam password (former RAS password).


User name/login

<Your University Account>

(This is not your e-mail address!)


<Your eduroam-password>

(as usual for WLAN/eduroam)


You can download the VPN client after authentification here.

You can find more informations on the RZ-Wiki (German).

If you like to read e-journals, please ensure, if the journal or database can be read via VPN connection or if you have to use 'MyLogin':



For further questions, please contact: