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Freiburg University Network

The Freiburg University Network connects all workstations of the university with each other and with the Internet. FUN offers unrestricted access to the State Research Network (BelWü), the German Research Network (WiN) and other international networks accessible via it.

You can only use various services and offers of the university if your computer or laptop is connected to the Freiburg university network, e.g. access to internal university websites and information offers, to your personal data drive or access to electronic journals and licensed databases.

At workstations in the computer center, in the RZ branch office in UB 2, the university library or in the computer pools of university institutions, you are automatically in FUN. When using the WLAN and from outside the university network, e.g. from home or on the road, you can use the VPN client / VPN-Client eine gesicherte Verbindung zum Universitätsnetz to establish a secure connection to the university network and thus also access all services.


Advice and support for institutes on network infrastructure / network connections

The RZ advises and assists the university institutes in the planning, procurement and installation of local institute-internal networks, as far as these are to be connected on the basis of the Internet standards with the Freiburg university network or the external networks accessible over it (BelWü, WiN, Internet); or if special requirements in partial areas of the university network must be installed, like e.g. particularly protected transmission paths with data security problems, Firewalls, with measurement data transmission or radio networks. WLAN access points are part of the university network and may therefore only be put into operation by RZ employees.

If you want to protect the computers of your institute or workgroup against access from the Internet, the computer center offers two different security levels. In both cases, basic Internet services can still be used via proxies. Since the introduction of such security measures requires intensive consultation, please contact our staff if you have any questions.



Contact: network consulting / Netzberatung


Requesting an IP address

Every computer connected to the Freiburg University network needs an IP address and a corresponding name (DNS). Institutes wishing to apply for a new IP address should send an e-mail specifying the subnet and the desired computer name to: