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About us

The E-Learning Department is the central point of contact at the University of Freiburg for questions regarding the use of digital media in teaching and continuing education. As an interface between technology and its usage, we support all members of the university in the reasonable integration and usage of digital media and educational technologies in teaching and in further education offers.

In addition to the demand-oriented further development of the IT infrastructure, we have set ourselves the goal of establishing e-learning as an innovative force for improving university working and learning conditions and making it accessible and manageable for the university as a whole.

The Interdisciplinary E-Learning Team...

  • Informs about the e-learning infrastructure and services at the university and their application in teaching and further education
  • Provides user support and information material on the subject of e-learning
  • Guides individually, application- and demand-oriented in the areas of e-learning, technology, didactics and media development
  • Qualifies through use-orientated workshops on how to purposefully integrate e-learning in your teaching, especially in the context of the e-learning certificate program



 Would you like a consultation about e-learning?

If you are interested in the e-learning services offered by Freiburg University or would like to integrate more e-learning tools into your teaching and seminars, please contact us.

via email
or phone: 0761 203-4600


Hermann-Herder-Straße 10
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