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11.05.2022 Groupserver/BSCW: Usage restrictions with Firefox version 100

An update for Firefox to version 100 has been recently made available. Users who have performed this browser update, report restrictions when using the Groupserver/BSCW. Please switch to an alternative browser at this time.

Since the update to version 100, there have been problems reported in using the full functionality of the group server/BSCW. Among other things, we have found the following two limitations:

  •     File upload via "drag and drop" from the hard disk to a folder is not evaluated by Firefox. Instead of an upload, the dialog window for opening or saving the file opens.
  •     Editing a document in BSCW is not possible. As soon as you switch a BSCW document to "edit" mode, the browser-internal editor is not displayed, editing/formatting of existing text is not possible.

If you have already updated your browser to the current version "Firefox 100", please switch to another browser (Edge or Chrome/Chromium) to work with the group server at the moment.

We have already communicated the problem to the manufacturers and hope for a solution soon, so that all functions can be used correctly in Firefox again.

Your Uni IT Services Team