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Note on the "job scamming"

Due to current events, we would like to point out that fraudsters try to obtain sensitive data or money via fake job advertisements ("job scamming"); see also the note in [1].

The scammers write to potential victims using names of university employees and university identifiers (logo, etc.) to give the impression that it is an official job offer from the university. If you reply to the email, the scammer tries to lure the victim onto WhatsApp, which gives the scammer the victim's phone number. In the further course, the scammer then asks for sensitive data (CV, copy of ID, ...) and/or the victim is asked to buy software or the like.

At this point, we would like to point out that open positions at the University of Freiburg are published via the job portal at [2]. E-mail addresses for receiving applications always end with "". The University of Freiburg does not make any financial demands in the context of application processes.

If you receive e-mails that match the above description of "job scamming", you should check very carefully the sender address and whether it corresponds to a valid e-mail address at the University of Freiburg (ending: In case you have already disclosed data to a scammer, you should secure original emails and phone number, email address, etc. of the scammer and file a criminal complaint (at any police station or online, see [3]).

If you have any questions, you can also contact Information Security at