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Action required! Maintenance work on the bwCloud (all operating sites) from January 25, 2022 onwards

From 25/01/2022 08:00 maintenance work will take place in all bwCloud operating sites and will last at least one day. The user accounts and projects of each user have to be reactivated or newly created by a re-registration. For the Freiburg region, further manual work, such as the manual migration of VMs, is also necessary.

Dear users of the bwCloud,

in calendar week 4 2022, starting on 25.01.2022, 08:00, there will be an extensive maintenance of bwCloud at all operating sites, which is expected to last at least one day.

The exact maintenance work will differ slightly depending on the operating site. Specifically for the Freiburg region, this means that a new installation of bwCloud will take place (referenced below as new bwCloud). This, as well as the currently running installation (referenced below as old bwCloud) will be operated in parallel during a two-month transition period to allow you to migrate data manually(!).

Following the maintenance, the two-month transition period will begin, during which the following actions are required of all users:

  •     Registration in the new bwCloud: a link to the registration will be published here after the maintenance.
  •     Formal re-application of group projects and quota extensions in the new bwCloud.
  •     Moving your existing infrastructure, such as images and VMs to the new bwCloud: ATTENTION: This will change the IP addresses of your VMs!

After the transition period, the old bwCloud will be completely deleted, including deletion of all users, projects, images, snapshots and VMs. We will not be able to recover lost data after the transition period!

At the time of maintenance, all VMs in the old bwCloud will be shut down. You can then manually back them up and upload them to the new bwCloud. It will no longer be possible to continue operating your VMs in the old bwCloud. During the transition period, the old bwCloud will only be available to you for migrating your data to the new bwCloud.

The maintenance at the Freiburg operating site includes:

  •     Migration of the hosts from CentOS 7 to Rocky Linux.
  •     Major version upgrade from OpenStack Train to OpenStack Victoria.
  •     Migration of the storage system from Ceph to NetApp based storage.
  •     Major version upgrade and migration of the Identity Provider (bwServices).

We will keep you updated on the progress of the maintenance via the data center website.

After the maintenance, you can create a ticket here to request needed specifications or additional quota. Please make sure that all necessary information is included in the ticket ( FAQ tickets ).

The bwCloud is in a publicly funded state service. If you are interested in a project in the bwCloud, please register here.