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Guideline of the work group RDM "Responsible Handling of Research Data" published on Zenodo

The "Guidelines - Responsible Handling of Research Data" of the Working Group on Research Data Management in Baden-Württemberg, in which the RDMG is also involved, which has already been mentioned several times, has now been officially published and referenced via DOI after adoption in the work group and confirmation in the ALWR (working group of the representatives of Scientific Computing Centers in Baden-Württemberg) and working group BibDir.

The topic of research data has steadily gained momentum in recent years and is now widely perceived in everyday university life. Nevertheless, the process of establishing standards and best practices is far from complete. This guide attempts to provide stakeholders with current practical recommendations on options for action in the area of governance, rights management, and quality of research data, while at the same time contributing to the discussion on standardization of RDM processes and structures at the various levels moving forward.

The RDMG will discuss the recommendations together with the new Prorectorate for Research and make proposals for implementation on campus. To this end, it is already in contact with the individual faculties and stakeholders. The guiding questions already sent to stakeholders can also be found in the RDMG forum. (Note: This deep link will only resolve if there has been prior registration via The topic of research data management at the RZ is located in the Dept. eScience. For questions, advice etc. please contact us: Tel. 4646 or (or also via the aforementioned forum).