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Use of pool rooms with bwLehrpool (preliminary considerations for opening RZ, WM4)

Due to recent developments, on-site pool use is moving back into reach. Currently, the pools are available for e-exams and can also be used for approved on-site events. Free practice still requires documentation of presence, which requires oversight personnel. This needs planning lead time as it also coincides with the regulations for opening the relevant buildings.

With the flattening pandemic curve, face-to-face events are becoming easier again. The pool team is preparing for upcoming developments. The pools in the RZ (Uni IT Services) and in Werthmannstraße 4 can be used for examinations. Booking and planning is done as usual, but it must be noted that an occupancy can only take place with specified (space) intervals. Approved individual events in presence are also possible, the documentation obligation is incumbent on the lecturers of the respective event. For this purpose, only the access to the rooms must be clarified (card activation). For an opening for free learning, a lead time of four working days is required, since a supervisor must be organized. This supervisor then organizes the documentation of attendance.

If you have any questions regarding the use of the bwLehrpool, please contact the bwLehrpool team; questions regarding e-exams can be answered by the e-learning team. You can use the room search (Campus Management) to check whether rooms are already booked (Tip: 'Advanced search', select 'Equipment‛ RZ-supported pool environment (bwLehrpool)‛). Booking via Campus Management or your secretary's office, further information on pool rooms can be found here.