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UniAccount? What is it?

Every member of Freiburg University has a Username (UserID), which gives University members access to all important IT services.

The UniAccount UserID consists of an individual’s first initials followed by a random number. Students receive their UniAccounts automatically upon matriculation. University staff has to register themselves for an account, and all other affiliates of the University must apply for an account. The UniAccount is used to access the following services:

You can manage your UniAccount with the online tool myAccount, which is accessible from any computer with internet. This is where you set your central password, which grants access to the University’s web-based services. MyAccount is where you can manage your personal information, especially the e-mail address the IT Department should use to contact you. This is also where you can set up your personal University e-mail account. You can also subscribe to various public University newsletters, such as the newsletter for students and staff (currently available in German). In order to use the University’s WLAN network eduroam or the VPN-Client, you will need a different eduroam password (RAS password), which is set up and managed in myAccount.

The Rectorate gives out the rights to a UniAccount as stated in the “Authorization Concept for IT-Services.” The UniAccount is disabled upon leave from the University.

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