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Uni-Account for students

All Freiburg University students as well as EUCOR (European Confederation of Universities on the Upper Rhine) students and registrated guests (limited rights) are automatically registered for an Uni-Account through matriculation. This Uni-Account officially recognizes all members of Freiburg University and allows those members to access online IT services.

Mini-Tutorial: Activating your Uni-Account (english subtitles)


After enrollment, you will receive the initial password via e-mail. In order to activate your Uni-Account, you must log in to  myAccount using your initial password and change it to a personal private password.

  1. Log in to myAccountusing your Username and initial password.
  2. Follow the instructions on the page to change your initial password into a personal password.
  3. Your preferred e-mail address for communication during your studies or doctoral studies is automatically transferred from the Campus-Management-System HISinOne  [there: address tile (2-K) Studium - Korrespondenz]. Changes have to be made in HISinOne and are then automatically transferred to the UniAccount.
  4. You can set up a Freiburg University e-mail account in addition to your personal e-mail account. The University’s IT Department automatically registers and verifies this e-mail address.
    In the case of having several e-mail addresses, make sure to clarify which address you prefer for University communication. Please ensure that this e-mail account is currently active and there is enough free space in the Inbox.

Hint for guest students: Your Uni-Account has limited rights and can only be used for CampusOnline. 

Hints for Doctoral Candidates: If you are not employeed at the University of Freiburg, please register at IGA. Afterwards your Uni-Account works like that of students.



Infoblatt Uni-Account Studierende

Info flyer: Student Uni-Accounts: Uses and Set-up