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As a member of Freiburg University, you can set up a personal e-mail account on the domain

To do this, log in to myAccount and select go to the menu item "Mail & Lists Administration -> Uni-Mail Account". Select your mail address in the desired format.

The email address has the following format:

Students can choose between eight planet names or 'students' as domain. For employees, the name of the institute/institution appears as domain (e.g. for employees of the Computer Center). If your institution operates its own mail server, myAccount points this out and provides information about the special method of application.

E-mail account properties

  • available memory:
    • Students 500 MB
    • Employees 2 GB
    • It is possible to expand the memory space if required.
  • Spam and virus protection
    The e-mail account is secured with various anti-spam and anti-virus systems.
  • worldwide access via webmail All owners of email accounts can access their emails worldwide via the webmail interface . To login please  use your complete email address and Password of your Uni-Account.
  • Imap access for mail clients (e.g. Outlook, Thunderbird or Smartphones)
    The university's email account can of course also be managed on your computer using common email programs (e.g. Mozilla Thunderbird or Microsoft Outlook).

Optional additions:

  • Calendar and groupware functions are available for employees as well as for students.

More Information on Calendar Functions
(german only)

Commercial use of the e-mail - Adresses in the ""-Domain is prohibited.


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