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File server (home directory)

All employees and students of the University of Freiburg are automatically provided with a personal data directory (home directory) on the file server when they register their university account.

You can access your personal home directory worldwide, store your data and retrieve it from other computers. It can be used from Windows and Linux without any additional software.

The file server provides the share \\\\home\userid, which can be accessed from Windows computers in the network area of the University of Freiburg (or existing connection via VPN client) as "Connect network drive". A detailed description can be found in the RZ-Wiki "Netzlaufwerk verbinden (Windows)".

The available storage space for students and university employees is 20 GB. In justified exceptional cases, the data storage can also be increased.

There are currently about 35,000 home directories.

An automatic data backup (TSM Backup) is carried out regularly.