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If you would like to scan documents, you can either go to the University IT Services, the IT branch office in the University Library (UB2) or the A3 and A4 Format scanners in the University Library.

DIN A4 / DIN A3 - Scanner

Numerous DIN A4 scanners are available both in the computer labs located in the University IT Services as well as in the University Library.

Large-scale color scanner

The University IT Services has a pull-though scanner for larger documents. The tool is available for all Freiburg 

Scanner Contex HD 3630

Large-scale scanner Magnum XL54

University Faculties and is located in the University IT Services at Hermann-Herder-Straße 10.

Scanner Operation:

The company in charge of accepting projects and operating the scanners is available at Tel. 203-4618. Self service for some projects may be possible, if, for example, you have a large backlog of orders.

Scanner Specifications

The scanner is a product of the company SCANNING TECHNOLOGY model: Contex HD 3630.

The instrument is connected to PCs through a FireWire interface. The scanned data is put on a local disk and from there can be transferred onto the internet.

  • Scan width: Document max width 36" (914 cm)
  • Scanner resolution: Max 1200 dpi
  • Color model
  • Line art (black/white 1 Bit)
  • Gray tone (256 gray scales, 8 Bit)
  • Color index (max. 256 colors)
  • Classified color (Color Searching Table)
  • RGB Color (16.8 million colors, 24 Bit)
  • Output formats: TIFF, PDF, BMP, JPG, PCL, PCX, RTL, EPS, RAS

Scanner Software

The scanner is operated with the associated scanner software WIDEimage. This software offers besides the scanning process the basic editing possibilities, like contrast, brightness and color manipulation. The software also offers numerous other tools for picture editing, such as inversion, turning, mirroring, etc.  

More Options for Scanning

The University Library offers several options for scanning. More information to be found on their website: Scanner und Lesegeräte in der UB

Diascanner (University Library)


Nikon Super CoolScan 5000 ED,framed single Dias, film strips, 2-6 Dias, Magazin up to 100 Dias, Resolutiuon: up to 4000 Point/Inch
Audio-visual media center, UB II

Contact: Herr Blum, Tel.: 203-3854