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Here you can find information regarding the University's Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) and the required VPN clients.
DHCP / Proxy
The network department offers a central DHCP service within the university.
eduroam / DFNroaming: WLAN worldwide!
Students as well as researchers can use WLAN networks of other universities and research institutions.
Planning an event
The University IT Services supports the organisation and handling of the technical equipment for events and congresses at the university.
Current Announcements (machine-translated)
We provide regular information regarding the University network and e-mail servers via the netinfo mailinglist . Here, we post machine-translated texts and apologize for potentially funny sentence constructions or expressions. Have a good lough.
VPN Introduction
VPN stands for Virtual Privat Network and ensures a secure connection to the internet from your computer to the university's network to use internal and external ressources of the university.
The University IT Services makes a wireless local area network (WLAN) available throughout most areas of campus. Your laptop can get access to the WLAN if you build a secure network connection using a VPN client.
Freiburg University Network
The Freiburg University Network connects all workstations of the university with each other and with the Internet. FUN offers unrestricted access to the State Research Network (BelWü), the German Research Network (WiN) and other international networks accessible via it.
Name server (DNS)
The data center operates a name server (DNS - domain name server) for the unique identification of computer number and associated address.
Conference calls with the university's own resources are quick to set up and easy to use
Conference calls via our telephone system are quick to set up and easy to use. Please avoid using expensive external services such as 01805 toll dial-in numbers!