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Recording Lectures



With little effort, you can record lectures, talks, and presentations, edit them, and make them available online as a webcast.


Two recording tools

Freiburg's IT Services and the E-Learning Service Center support you in recording your lectures through sets with the following software options for borrowing:

  • Camtasia. This software allows you to record all screen content and to simultaneously record sound. This makes Camtasia particularly recommendable for recording PowerPoint lectures live. More information... 
  • Adobe Connect. The Online-Meeting-Server allows you to record and stream talks simultaneously. This makes it possible to record talks by external experts, speaking at their home institution, importing them, so to speak, into the lecture hall. More information...



  • The E-Lunch recording from 18 May 2011 provides information on all options for recording lectures
  • On 9 March 2012, an eLearning forum on the topic of recording lectures took place in Frankfurt. Documentation, slides, and recordings can be accessed online.



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