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Camtasia is a computer screen recording tool, recording everything seen on a computer monitor. Camtasia is often used to record presentations during a seminar or to show what steps are taken in applying a new software.

Sounds are recorded by default, but a webcam can also be used if applicable. It is also possible to record the power points directly.

After the recording, a variety of edits can be made. You can add audio commentary (up to three soundtracks), pictures, or subtitles; you can even insert a simple quiz or survey. This tool supports SCORM standards and offers a variety of export formats, such as wmv, mov, avi, MP3 and Flash. Camtasia runs only with Windows and Mac (each has its own version).


  • Uncomplicated live documentation of presentations, lectures, informational events, speeches from guest lecturers and project presentations
  • Studio recordings of program demonstrations, tutorials or experimental recordings
  • Editing possible, but not required


You need a laptop or Tablet-PC with Camtasia software, a microphone and camera (optional).

lecturnity mobilWe have put together the necessary hard- and software for you: The rental set "Lecturnity Mobile," which consists of a Tablet PC, a microphone, as well as a webcam and presenter. The recording software Camtasia and Lecturnity are already pre-installed on this computer. Alltogether, it weighs a mere 2,5 kg! Therefore, you can take the Lecturnity Mobile with you anywhere. 

In comparison to a normal computer, a Tablet PC allows you to easily write on the screen using a pen so that you can take notes or draw images as if on a notebook. This way you can take notes and make marks or underline important points during the presentation.

If you are planning to do a lot of recording, you can get Camtasia through the University's software shop and afterwards come to the IT Services to get some advice for how to use the hardware. 


Sample Tutorial: CampusOnline- Login and course registration (English)

Sample lecture recording


We will gladly assist you by introducing Camtasia, we do not lease any learning tools with the software, however, since screen recoding is also possible with Lecturnitv.


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