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Modul "basics"

The aim of the "Basics" module is to build up basic knowledge and competencies in the area of face-to-face teaching and web-based teaching.

In the Basics module, we offer the university didactics workshop "Fit for Teaching" and six workshops in the area of e-learning. The workshops are open independently to all teachers at the University of Freiburg and, under certain conditions, also to the Freiburg University of Education*.

Those wishing to obtain the e-learning certificate must attend both "Fit for Teaching" and at least 4 e-learning workshops and keep an accompanying learning diary. The workload for the Basics module comprises at least 80 work units (1AE = 45 min).



Structure of the Basics module


"Fit for Teaching" - Basics of Higher Education Didactics

In the four-day workshop "Fit für die Lehre - Hochschuldidaktische Grundlagen" you will get an overview of teaching-learning concepts, you will reflect on your own understanding of your role as a teacher, you will learn about possibilities of activating students and accompanying learning processes as well as feedback in classroom teaching. "Fit for teaching" is offered by the Bereich Hochschuldidaktik und digitale Lehrentwicklung and digital teaching development. There you will find dates, the possibility to register and further information.


E-Learning Workshops

We currently offer six workshops on different focal points in the field of e-learning:

  • Lernendenaktivierung mit ILIAS
  • Vom Hörsaal ins Netz: Möglichkeiten und Grenzen von virtuellen Klassenzimmern
  • E-Tests und E-Klausuren: Lernleistung (selbst)überprüfen mit dem ILIAS-Testmodul
  • Einsatz von E-Portfolios in der Lehre
  • Flipped Classroom in der Hochschullehre
  • Digitale Lehrmaterialien: erstellen, einsetzen und als OER lizenzieren

                                              --> Overview of current workshop dates will be soon available again.

Learning report and reflection

In order to systematize and link the higher education didactics and e-learning modules, participants interested in acquiring the certificate write an accompanying learning report based on guiding questions.

In this report, you record the essentials, reflect on your experiences, and transfer new information to your own teaching situation and your own teaching requirements. The learning report forms the basis for a final, comprehensive reflection on your own understanding of teaching and learning, the context of your own teaching and the development of your teaching concepts and competencies to date.

Deadline for submission is 15.3. or 15.9. each year.