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Services and contact options

Here you will find the preferred e-mail addresses to contact the appropriate contact persons of the services of the RZ.


  • The list of all RZ staff members can be found here within the internal area of the RZ website


Area- and topic-related mailing lists:


Server Services 

  • OTRS frontend to the central file server (questions about home directories, group drives, etc.)

  • Maintenance announcements and error messages of the central storage system (file server). Everyone can subscribe to this list via myAccount. - Tel. 4669

  • Information list on the central MySQL database server of the University. You can subscribe to this list yourself via myAccount.

  • OTRS Frontend for the "Login Server" service


Web Server/CMS - Tel. 4651

  • OTRS frontend for web server admins not using Zope/Plone - Tel. 4664

  • OTRS frontend for the content management system Plone (standard web environment of the university and institutions)

  • OTRS frontend for the virtualisation infrastructure. Requests for virtual machines, for example, can be made here.


Network & Telephone

  • Queries about DNS and network structure

  • Enquiries and orders about network sockets, telephones and general network problems


Campus Management

  • Support for the Campus Management Department


High Performance Computing (HPC)/Computing Resources

  • Ticket queue for NEMO support (bwForCluster HPC cluster here at Freiburg)

  • Ticket queue for general HPC support (other clusters in the country, requests for HPC needs, etc.)

  • Address for subscribing to news and information on developments in HPC in English (low-traffic)


Windows Support (MITS - Managed IT Services)

  • OTRS frontend for Windows and the Active Directory domain operated by the RZ


 IT Security

  •  Contact point for information security incidents and vulnerabilities in IT systems



  • General e-learning questions & e-learning qualification programme

  • ILIAS learning platform

  • Virtual Classroom (Adobe Connect)

  • Support address for the bwLehrpool pool rooms of the "University PC Pool Concept" (various public computer pools on campus managed by the RZ). Best contact point for acute problems. With OFORK connection (ticket system).

  • Information and exchange mailing list for bw teaching pool users (in the PC pools on campus). Registration required. Please contact;   if you have any problems; registration enquiries should be sent to the same address.

  • Requests for electronic examinations and tests

  • Working group server (BSCW)


General technology and machine room use

  •  List for the users of the various managed machine rooms of the computer centre (currently locations A, B in Hermann-Herder-Str. 10 and KG II), mainly information e.g. on possible or necessary power cuts due to conversions, maintenance or testing of the emergency power generator.

  • Information list for the bwCloud (is automatically filled based on the current projects in the bwCloud)

  • Requests to bring new equipment into the managed server rooms of the RZ (machine hosting, coordination of network connection, set-up)

  • Failures, necessary repairs, etc., for example for pool rooms that are under the control of the RZ (maps to an OTRS queue)