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An overview of the University IT Services history from its inception in 1966 until today.

The University IT Services has been a central institution of Freiburg University since its founding in 1966. Computers first existed in Freiburg's Institute for Applied Mathematics, but the need for computing and calculating grew to require a bigger computer system.

In 1971 the Baden-Württemberg region funded the construction of the buildings that today house the University IT Services. These central buildings underwent much expansion throughout the 70s to make it the biggest University IT Services department in the South Baden region. Thereafter, more and more University institutions became connected via telephone to the mainframe computer in the Hermann-Herder Straße, adding to the growth of the data transmission network. In the 80s, the breath of this connection grew, as more computers were linked together. Not only was the “computing power” improved, but scholarly communication was considerably advanced. The possibilities of computer operations now reach beyond simple programming and calculating to include text and picture processing. For that reason, the University IT Services ensures competent consulting and the continuous education of Freiburg University’s members.

At the end of the 80s, the newly released Personal Computers (PCs) became affordable and were incorporated into the routine of the University’s daily activities.

In 1990 Freiburg University joined the WiN scholarly network as well as the regional sub-network BelWü (Baden-Württembergs extended LAN). This connection between scholarly facilities opened the door for further improvement, making further advancements possible, such as high-speed computing.

In the summer of 1991 the University IT Services developed the in-house information system “Info,” a model for future information and communication systems, not to mention today’s global WWW (World Wide Web).

Today, data and information exchanges take place via the Freiburg University Network (FUN), run by the University IT Services. FUN is the interface between the University network, the regional network Belwü and the internet. The network is the basis for scholarly communication as well as the framework for international cooperation. Since 2001, wireless connections are available in certain areas on campus, enabling mobile communication at work and at home; information now follows the user, not vice versa. In the following years, wireless internet access became more widely available and easier to use.

The University IT Services offers all University members important services such as backup security, database and file servers, teaching and learning platforms, mail and web services, central virus and spam filters, computing servers, PC cpmuter labs and much more.

In the meantime, worldwide cooperation through video conferencing has become highly significant and for this purpose the University IT Services set up a modern video conferencing room. Research and working groups meet regularly to virtually discuss, compare research findings, and exchange information.

Besides the courses offered, the University IT Services also has multifaceted assistance and guidance for the planning, procurement and operations of IT system and network installations, the use of campus software licenses, and for diagnosis of system failures.

The University IT Services has become an important facility of Freiburg University, remaining open to all students and employees for their scholarly needs. 

Publications regarding the University IT Services History

Further details regarding the University IT Services history is available in the following documents (available only in German):

Das Rechenzentrum der Universität. Strategische IT-Dienstleistungen für die Universität. Rückblick auf 40 Jahre RZ-Geschichte. Publiziert in der Festschrift: 550 Jahre Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg, Band 5: Institute und Seminare seit 1945, 2006. S. 557 ff. (PDF-Format, gegenüber der Publikation weitestgehend unveränderter Text)

Ein Rückblick von den Anfängen bis 1996 - eine "Spurensuche" - ist 1996 anläßlich der 30-Jahr-Feier des Rechenzentrums im ANRUF publiziert worden: Spurensuche 1996

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