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Overview: Video and online conference platforms

Here you find an overview of all digital communication options available to university staff. This information applies to all staff members in teaching and administration.

Solutions for online communication in research, teaching and administration have been available at the university for some time now. The current situation of the Corona pandemic has created a new and unprecedented demand for these systems in all three areas. In response, we already have significantly increased the computer center’s server capacities and resources. In particular, a new scaling cluster with the open source software "BigBlueButton" was built and docked to the learning platform ILIAS. For the external solution ZOOM licenses for teachers were procured to cover the demand for solutions for large groups (lectures and seminars with more than 30 participants).

In the winter semester it is recommended to exclusively use BigBlueButton or Zoom, depending on the application scenario in teaching. In addition, "Panopto" is available for video recordings without participant interaction and webcasting, see Toolbox Digital Teaching.

The following table gives an overview of the recommended live conferencing systems, depending on your requirements; the systems are either ready to use or currently being tested:


Interaction possible?

Recipients/Max. participants

Hosting / Provider

Access / Documentation / Remarks

Video conferences and work groupsBigBlueButtonYes30 (and more*)University of Freiburg / computer center

Teachers can plan BBB Meetings on ILIAS, participants can access the Meeting via ILIAS course room.

Videoconferencing with BBB in research and administration is available without ILIAS:

Invitations of external persons without a university account is possible.


Video conference solution for larger groups



up to 300 


up to 10001

Zoom V. C. Inc. / computer center

Account registration by the faculties. Registration of additional accounts is possible if the institution agrees to pay the account costs. If you have questions, please send a mail to

Please read the Zoom policy of the university: *only available in German

Work groups and web conferences for larger groups

Video Chat with screen sharing and streaming option





live streaming unlimited


Activation of a personal account by and registration at

The "jitsi"-Service was cancelled on 31st March 2021.

1 Upon request to the computer center.

 * Under conditions