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Current information on Services of the computer center

Here you find information and offers from the computer center that can help you with working from home, with teaching or with your studies.
Conference calls with the university's own resources are quick to set up and easy to use
Conference calls via our telephone system are quick to set up and easy to use. Please avoid using expensive external services such as 01805 toll dial-in numbers!
HISinOne/Campus Management & further information
The campus management team supports you in implementing corona crisis measures and in many matters, that need to be organized now: postponement of the lecture period, organization of teaching, conversion of classroom events to digital formats, specific questions about events, credits and examinations etc.
Home office and private IT devices
Our newsletter 1/2019 pointed out the risks of using private IT devices for your work and therefore also of working from home. By providing a device, set up by an IT administrator, these risks can be eliminated.
VPN: Using university resources frugally
Due to the increased home office activity, there are currently bottlenecks when using VPN. The computer center therefore asks you to use these resources frugally. For Windows users there is also a new VPN client available.
Mini PCs for working from home
As a preventive measure and in case there are going to be supply shortages due to the corona crisis, 100 Mini PCs from the BW-PC range of products are currently stored at the computer center. The PCs are suitable as home office computers, as they are small and powerful and costs are kept to a minimum.
Video conference platforms
Since most of the teaching in the summer semester, as well as meetings in research and administration, need to take place digitally, the computer center has compiled an overview of the available video conference solutions.
Toolbox Digital and Hybrid Teaching
In the course of the restrictions on classroom teaching, it is necessary to design teaching digitally. In the digital teaching toolbox, you will find suggestions for implementation, as well as instructions for using the digital infrastructure.