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Virus protection

The IT Service Center provides antivirus software to all university devices and also operates a central e-mail virus scanner.

Antivirus software SOPHOS

The anti-virus software Sophos Antivirus can be used on every PC workstation in the university (Windows and Mac). All employees of the university can use the software until 20.07.2023.

The costs are allocated to all faculties.

Installation instructions can be found in the RZ-Wiki.

Protection against e-mail viruses

The IT Service Center operates a central virus scanner for the university on the mail server. Mails containing viruses are isolated in a quarantine area and both the recipient and the sender (if identifiable) are informed of this. The virus scanner is only used for incoming mails from outside the domain or the university. Mails sent within a domain are not scanned for viruses for technical reasons.

Despite virus scanning of the mail, we strongly recommend all users to install a virus scanner on their local PC.


*Unfortunately, students can no longer benefit from the offer, as the Student Benefit is no longer offered by the manufacturer.