Virus protection

The University IT Services provides a free anti-virus software for all University members and runs a virus scanner for the central e-mail service.

Antivirus software SOPHOS

The anti-virus scanner SOPHOS Antivirus can be installed on every computer workstation in the University (Windows and Mac). All University members can use the programm until 2020*.

There is an installation instruction in the RZ-Wiki.(German only).


Protection against e-mail viruses

The University IT Services runs and operates a central virus scanner for the University’s central mailserver. This virus scanner detects any e-mails with a virus, sends it to an isolated folder and informs senders and receivers (if available). This scanner is only for viruses in e-mails entering the University system. For technical reasons, all e-mails exiting the system do not undergo a virus scan.

Despite this virus scanning, we strongly recommend all users to install a virus scanner on their personal computers.

Here you will find data regarding the amount rejected viruses.

*25.11.2020 Update: The offer is extended until 2022. Further information will follow. 

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