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The computer workstations in the computer centre are connected to freely accessible printers.

Table of contents

  1. Drucken in den PC-Pools des Rechenzentrums /  printing in the PC pools of the computer centre
  2. Drucken / Plotten im Druckservice (Tel.: 203-4618) /  printing / plotting in the print service (Tel.: 203-4618)
  3. Druckberechtigungen / Druckerkonto  / printing authorisations / printer account
  4. Druckkosten / Kontoführung  / printing costs / account management
  5. Druckerinstallation  / printer installation
  6. Plotter  / plotter
  7. Kontakt  /   contact


For larger theses, you can also use the colour laser printers at the print service. The prerequisite is a valid university account and sufficient credit on your printer account. The costs incurred for using the printer are automatically debited from your printer account (not to be confused with the UniCard account!).

Printing in the PC pools of the data centre

Xerox 7545 (Xerox 4600)

DIN A4 laser printer, black/white and colour, resolution 1200 dpi,
double-sided printing possible

4 Ct b/w,

9 Ct colour

- Hermann-Herder-Str. 10
- Branch office Werthmannstr. 4


The standard printers in Hermann-Herder-Str. are called rzblack and rzfarbe, in the branch office in Werthmannstr. 4 ub2black and ub2farbe. As a backup, rzmono and ub2mono are also available.


Printing / plotting in the print service (Tel.: 203-4618)

Xerox Workcenter 7346

Xerox Workcenter 7346 DIN A4 and DIN A3, double-sided,
1200 dpi, Postscript Cost:

6 cents per DIN A4 print page 

Printout at print service/.
RZ counter

Poster plotter
HP DesignJet Z6100 PS

inkjet technology, standard to photo quality, roll width 91.5 cm, 2400×1200 dpi, Postscript

Price: standard /photo:
DIN A3:   2,10 € / 3,57€
DIN A2:   2,95 € / 5,00€
DIN A1:   4,20 € / 7,14€
DIN A0:   6,00 € / 10,- €

Printer cue: rzplotstd/rzplothg


Print authorisations / printer account

If you want to print on the printers of the computer centre (RZ), you need a university account /Uni-Account.

The RZ automatically creates a printer account for each university account. This account is used to set individual print authorisations and to calculate the printing costs for executed print jobs (see below).

For students, print authorisation is limited to the printers available in the PC pools of the RZ and the Werthmannstraße 4 branch office. For theses, the colour laser printer in the computer centre can also be used. Please contact the print service on the ground floor.

Students who work for an institute can use all central printers of the Computer Centre within the scope of this assignment, but they need a staff university account for this, which they have applied for via the institute.

For staff members, printing authorisation is set up for all printers of the RZ.


Printing costs / account management

The cost per printed page is shown in the printer tables above.

Students must ensure they have sufficient funds in their printer account before printing. Deposits can be made online here. Please note that this service is only available on the university network:

For staff, printing costs are settled with the institutes. In case of doubt, the staff member should clarify with the respective institute whether the costs will be covered.

Please note: The Faculty of Medicine does not cover the printing costs of its employees! The staff members bear their own printing costs.


Printer installation

At present, due to a change in the printing and billing system, it is only possible to send jobs to the plotters and colour lasers in the Computer Centre from the graphics workstation in the anteroom of the Print Service / Computer Centre counter.


You can also print posters up to DIN A0 size in the Computer Centre, but such poster plots are only possible in justified cases - e.g. in the context of a course.



Printing service in the data centre

Contact person: Abbas Hammoud

Tel.: 203-4618

Opening hours:
Phone: 203-4618 or


Monday - Thursday

09:00 - 12:00 Uhr    13:00 - 17.00 Uhr


09.00 - 12:00 Uhr    13:00 - 15:30 Uhr


If you would like to print more than two A0 posters or have extensive print orders to complete, please arrange an appointment with the print service in advance.

Print orders are accepted Monday to

Thursday until 5.30 p.m. at the latest and

Friday until 2.30 p.m. at the latest and can then be collected on the next working day at the earliest!

Please note any deviating opening hours for substitutes

under Current News!  / Aktuelle Nachrichten!


Your print service team