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de.NBI Cloud Opening / ViCE for the Bioinformatics

As part of Galaxy User Conference and the ELIXIR meeting there will be the ViCE wrapup for the bioinformatics use case as well as the official opening of the de.NBI cloud at the Freiburg site. The presentations will start with information on ViCE project and Virtualized Research Environments in various formats.

  • Workshop
Wann 14.03.2018
von 13:00 bis 17:40
Wo Campus 11th faculty, building 106
Kontakttelefon 4644
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Before the ELIXIR Galaxy community kickoff meeting brings together the people from the ELXIR Nodes in Freiburg and local bioinformatics user communities. The ViCE project, sponsored by the MWK of Baden-Württemberg state, will give an overview on the available toolboxes for Virtualized Research Environments in various formats:
  • Virtualized Research Environments and ViCE for the bioinformatics
  • bwCloud and de.NBI clouds as a VFU platforms (in Baden-Württemberg and beyond)
  • bwLehrpool as a (desktop) platform to try out VFUs for teaching and working interactively
  • ViCE registry for searching and exchanging VFUs of different platforms and flavours
The subproject was coordinated by ZBSA, the group of Prof. Backofen and the eScience group at the computer center.

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