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Microsoft Windows and Office License

Licenses for Windows 8.1 , 10 as well as for Office Professional 2013, 2016, 2019 and Office for Mac 2011, 2016 and 2019 is available.

Freiburg University has joined the Baden-Württemberg Microsoft Campus Agreement (which is part of a country-wide contract). This means that all university institutions are licensed to acquire the Professional Desktop Plattform Suite on a rental basis. This is a volume license, which means that there is no limitation to the number of installations. This license takes the place of the previous Microsoft Campus Agreement, which had only been joined by some institutions and chairs.

Contract Duration

The contract via the basic license (Core-Suit) will run until 30 April 2021. 

Licensed Products

The following products are available

  • Windows 8 Enterprise Upgrade, qualifying basic licenseis a prerequisit
  • Windows 10 Enterprise Upgrade, qualifying basis license is a prerequisit (webpage of the data protection supervisor of Baden-Württemberg)
  • Office Professional Plus (Windows- and MAC Version)
  • Core CAL Suite (CAL = Client Access License) for access with windows server.

    Core CAL Suite includes the following access licenses:
    • Windows Server CAL
    • Microsoft SharePoint Server Standard CAL
    • Microsoft Exchange Server Standard CAL
    • Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager Client Management License
    • Microsoft Lync Server Standard CAL
  • Forefront Endpoint Protection (antivirus client and subscription service)

An essential prerequisite for using these products is a qualifying operating system license(basic license)! In this context Microsoft's statement on correct Windows-Licensing is important.

The license covers all work places at Freiburg University, including computer labs, if a windows basic licnse is available for each computer. If during the contract duration a computer is acquired, it should be taken care that a basic license is also acquired for this computer. When acquiring BW-PCs such a license can be purchased as a cost-effective additional feature.

All faculties and institutions of Freiburg University, except the university clinics, can purchase the license.The contract is not available for "Aninstitute" or students of Freiburg University.

Coordination und Partners

The contract agreement was negotiated by the IT-Services at Tübingen University. A Europe-wide call resulted in softwareONE as trading partner. Please also consult the Information Page from Tübingen University.


The license fees are financed through contributions by Freiburg University institutions. The correct numbers will be communicated as soon as possible.


The above-described software can be downloaded by all university employees from a secure Download Area.

The software is activated through a KMS-Server from Tübingen University (Key Management Server). In order to make this server easily locatable, an entry has been added to our name server. Pleas note: Your computer needs to be correctly connected to the university internal net. 

Should automatic activation not function correctly, the activation can be done manually. All necessary steps are described in the guidelines below. Please note that the description refers to a command line with admin rights. It is not sufficient if the account you are using is in an admin group. Therefore you need to start your command line with right-click, select "use as administrator".

Activation: Office 2010 über KMS

Activation: Office 2013 über KMS

Activation: Office 2016 über KMS

Activation: Windows 8 über KMS

Activation: Windows 10 via KMS

(You can find detailed instructions here and on the webpage of the data protection supervisor of Baden-Württemberg)

Home Use Program 

August 2019: Microsoft has limited the offer. There is only a 30 % discount on Office 365 Home and Personal subscriptions. 

If you are interessted, please contact lizenzen@rz.uni-freiburg.de. We will send your request to the program administrator who will send you an invitation for the Home Use Program. Afterwards you have to log in with a microsoft account (if you don't have one, you can create one) and purchase the software.

Please make sure that the invitation mail from Microsoft can only arrive, if your mailadress has a mailbox and is not only a forwarder!


The license products of the campus agreement must not be installed on private computers. However, use through the Home Use Program is possible. Through this program, employees with a valid eomployment contract can acquire a low-cost Office-License for their private computer. The license can be used until the campus agreement expires (April 2021) or your employment contract with the university. A Windows license is not available. 


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