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IT Services represented at ZKI Commission Cloud

03.03.2020 19:43

At the ZKI spring conference 2020, the ZKI commission cloud was brought into life, which's focus is the structured assistance of the introduction of cloud services at a institution of higher learning. The Freiburg University IT Services' priorities are cloud strategy and cooperation. The second half of the day was reserved for the cloud meetup.

IT Services represented at ZKI Commission Cloud

ZKI spring conference at the University of Leipzig

This year, the ZKI's spring conference will take place at the University of Leipzig and start with the work groups and commissions. The declared goal of the "Commission Cloud", which met in the morning, is the creation of a manual for the introduction and use of different cloud products at universities. For this, the focus lies on the developer-independent description and recommendations, accompanied by developer-specific statements. It's about "best practices" as a blueprint for the handling of cloud service providers. The manual should include: cloud strategy, data protection, contractual questions, data security, technical link to the university as well as an organizational introduction.

This was followed by the Cloud meetup in the afternoon. Here, the SWITCH presented the reselling of various cloud services, a jurist (Johannes Nehlsen, Stabstelle IT-Recht at Bavarian universities) gave his take on public clouds in regard to responsiblity, data protection, secrecy protections or information safety (including an interesting note on the classification of data).

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