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Update Partial fault: bwCloud (creation, deletion of VMs, images)

12.10.2021 10:27

In the course of a necessary update of the basic infrastructure, problems arose in dealing with the necessary certificates, which in turn triggered problems with Python updates, on which many OpenStack components are based. This resulted in a partial malfunction that interfered with the creation and deletion of VMs or images, among other things. A fix was being worked on, but this might require control of the own machines.

A fix was already being worked on 4.10, but the aforementioned problems with creating and deleting VMs or images occurred there. The fix was started in the wake of ticket reports on 7.10. All operators of VMs in the cloud at the Freiburg site should therefore check their own machines.

Cause of failure: Authority changes to the certificates.
The maintenance was successfully completed tonight.
Update 10/12: With the said update of last week, an "acpi_pad" kernel module was added, which fully utilized all CPU cores and drastically slowed down all operations (up to the HTTP/IO timeout at the dashboard). The kernel module was blacklisted, a new hypervisor image was built, services were brought back up and running, and random infrastructure testing was performed.

Note: Some VMs failed to start after maintenance. However, this can be started by hand without any problems.

If you are interested in a project in the bwCloud im, please register. Then write a ticket with the required specifications for a quota extension to the ticket system. If you need more information or have a question, please search in our question and answer section or open a ticket in the ticket system.

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