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Set-up of Research Data Group

May 24, 2018 10:25 AM

At the University of Freiburg, the responsibilities surrounding the topic of research data management are being bundled into an own virtual organisation, the "Research Data Management Group" (RDMG). This is taking place after there were two longer preperation phases - one through joint coordination with the university library and the other through the application for large-scale research facilities at the DFG.

After some preparations, on the one hand through the joint coordination and structuring of the topic with the university library and on the other thorugh the positively reviewed application for a large-scale research facilities at the DFG with the addition of a long-term component according to 143c, a "Research Data Management Group" (RDMG) has been brought into life, currently still as a "virutal organisation". This became necessary due to an increased number of inquiries concerning research data management (RDM in English). The objective is to support the researchers in the various fields of the university.

The subject of RDM should be addressed broadly and cover the complete life cycle of research data. This means at least two things; the service of current storage needs for  research projects that are currently running and appropriate long-term supply (including necessary technical and organisational arrangements). The latter can be displayed by the services on the university campus or through various subject-specific options. Thus, the VO should include the partners/pillars:

  • University library (primarily eScience)
  • Freiburg Research Services (primarily Science Support Center)
  • University IT Services (primarily the department for eScience).

In a next step, the VO is to be completed by an appropriate user committee, for example a storage or RDM committee. Such a committee should control long-term developments and make decisions regarding the storage of data in a long-term supply system. For this, faculties or subject committees are invited, as these should at least partly contribute to the necessary costs. Additionally, there is currently an exchange taking place concerning how the RDM can be implemented at other universities in the state of Baden-Wurttemberg, especially since the beforementioned DFG application for storage acquisition was worked on together with Tubingen and must be embedded in state concepts.

This mailing list was put into life for internal communication (please let us know if the subject is relevant to you in an institutional sense). This serves as a channel for internal coordination and internal exchange among each other. A OTRS queue, which should be accessible for all participating parties, will be set up for the inquieries made by researchers from the different communities. This should ensure that especially complex inquieres, that involve multiple aspects, do not go under.

It also seems sensible to communicate the acitivities regarding the qualification of researches to this topic and to bring them together under one shared roof of the VO. For this, first information events for running SFBs as well as one group in VWL and one in Physics are coming up.

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