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Podcast "An update a day keeps the attacker away" (Episode 5)

Aug 11, 2021 04:19 PM

"Have you already heard of ..."

Podcast "An update a day keeps the attacker away" (Episode 5)

Podcast "Now it's clicking" - Episode 5

About episode 5 "An update a day keeps the attacker away"

"Have you already heard of ..." - it's important for all of us to be up-to-date. The same holds for computers - they also want to be up-to-date. This is achieved by software updates. In this episode, Rüdiger Trost and Tobias Schrödel are explaining why it is important to keep the computers and their software up-to-date. Thereby, it is helpful to understand the evolution of software and updates and the role of software users. To make a long story short: "An update a day keeps the attacker away."

The podcast is available via the university's video portal, Podigee, Spotify and other streaming apps, among others:

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About the podcast "Now it's clicking - Safely through the digital university world".



What are the pitfalls of digital work at the University of Freiburg? What do I have to watch out for? What can I do myself to avoid becoming a victim of a cyber-attacker? Where can I get support?


More and more work processes are taking place "in the digital realm": E-mail, Internet, home office, research collaborations, ... Here lurk many unsightly opportunities for people/organizations with dishonest intentions to obtain information in order to damage the university's operations and reputation.


In this podcast, Tobias Schrödel and Rüdiger Trost - two proven experts in the field of information security - discuss how employees and students at the University of Freiburg can better secure themselves in order to navigate the digital world unscathed in their everyday work.


This podcast is intended to help (1) better understand relevant information security topics, (2) take sensible precautions, and (3) provide helpful advice for tricky situations.


And along the way, you'll learn other interesting info about the University of Freiburg.


Listen in and talk about it with your colleagues: with your attention you make the university a small but important piece safer.


VIVA is an acronym for the four essential protection goals of information security: confidentiality, integrity, availability, authenticity. More about "VIVA - Information Security at the University of Freiburg" at https://www.viva.uni-freiburg.de.

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