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Research Data Management Workshop

The workshop will be carried out as a two-part event: as an informational and a training event. The goal is to introduce Research Data Management domaine-specifically by using the two excellence clusters at the University CIBBS and LivMatS and to offer specific guidelines. We are currently updating the program and further details.

  • Workshop
Wann 25.06.2020
von 09:30 bis 16:30
Wo University IT Services / -100/101
Kontakttelefon 4602
Teilnehmer Zielgruppe dieser Veranstaltung wären einerseits die PhDs der jeweiligen Cluster und weiterhin Interessierte der anverwandten Fakultäten.
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Current developments and projects such as BioDATEN brought forward the idea of organizing a combined informational and training event with both of the excellence clusters as examples. The focus will lie on the fields that are covered by CIBBS resp. LivMatS. The preliminary program includes:

  • Presentation of research approaches and entanglement with FDM solutions
  • Usage of the current approach and workflows as an example for other communities
  • Presentation of the available and planned infrastructure as well as upcoming developments
  • Presentation of first ideas and results from BioDATEN (focus bioinformatics community)
  • Deployment of ORCID
  • Tools and practical support for specific FDM in each of the groups

The event will be organized in two parts.

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