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Electronic examination at University of Freiburg

Apr 11, 2019 12:03 PM

For a couple years now, the E-Learning department and the state project bwLehrpool have supported electronic examinations at university PC rooms. With the opening of the PC rooms at Werthmanstraße 4 on April 24, the capacities have been increased, as bigger rooms and generally more spaces will be available. Legally reliable E-Exams with over 150 participants are now also possible in Freiburg.

The foundation of the exams is bwLehrpool, a concept from the university pool rooms that should be known to most teachers. bwLehrpool allows you to use software environments with pre-installed programs on pool PCs for teaching and examination purposes. Installation is no longer required and switching between systems is only a matter of minutes. This allows for a multifunctional use of the PCs and pool rooms, space for various teaching and learning scenarios or, as mentioned above, for E-Exams. The interplay of bwLehrpool Images with pre-installed Safe Exam Browser on the one hand and a separate ILIAS environment as an independent and especially secured exam server on the other allows for a extremely high legal reliability when conducting examinations, while also making cheating impossible.

A collection of experience reports in the note blog Lehre shows which types of examinations the systems allow. During the celebratory opening of the pool and E-Exam center at Werthmannstraße 4 there will also be time for any questions regarding the topic.

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