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For quick access to the most important information regarding students, we have put together the following:

Student Uni-Account: uses and set-up
University IT Services for Students. Brochure 2020/2021, English version (print date: October 2021)
The student survey, taking place November 2009, resulted in numerous questions regarding the IT services and support offered by the University IT Services. Here we list some of the most important questions along...
Barrier-free access to the University IT Services building, including offices, computer labs and toilets.
Every member of Freiburg University has a Username (UserID), which gives University members access to all important IT services.
As a member of Freiburg University, you can set up a personal e-mail account on the domain uni-freiburg.de.
Upon enrollment, every member of Freiburg University receives a personal storage space (home directory), which is easily accessible and backed-up automatically.
The University IT Service offers WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network) in almost every University building.
The University IT Services provides software for PC workstations and computer labs as well as coordinates the procurement of campus lisences and special software lisence agreements for all facilities and faculties....
The University IT Services offers numerous courses and workshops for Freiburg Universitystudents and employees. Some courses are offered in conjunction with other academic institutes, such as the Center for Higher...
Contact information for the University IT Services is listed here. Please note, that there is limited personal support available in the English language.
Here you can find support for IT-related problems
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