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User Training, Creating E-Learning Material and Software Packages for bwGRiD

Duration: since June 2011

Project aim

This project aims at broadening the user population of bwGRiD. This will be approached through public relations work and through the development of specific software packages and tools for accessing bwGRiD.

Project description

At present using bwGRiD ressources necessitates elementary knowledge with regard to HPC-environments. Especially registering via Grid-certificates has been a significant hurdle in the past. In order to allow potential users access to bwGRiD resources, detailed documentations are in work. Through close collaboration with administrators of the individual institutes in Freiburg there is continuous exchange, which ensures practice oriented contents.

Furthermore, bwGRiD tutorials are in place, in order to convey relevant competencies. These tutorials are part of the yearly „Black Forest Grid“. Since these tutorials are very popular, more frequent tutorials are envisaged. In addition, online learning material is being produced and will be made accessible via  SuGI. This project is carried out in collaboration with Freiburg University's  Service Center E-Learning as well as with SuGi.

An additional step towards facilitating bwGRiD for users and administrators is to make specific software packages for accessing bwGRiD ressources available. At present access is primarily granted through Globus Toolkit 4. Precompiled packages of the toolkit for various linux distributions as well as the relevant installation instructions are already available through the internet portal of bwGRiD Freiburg. This development in combination with further program packages shall further facilitate usage of bwGRiD.

Contact person (IT-Services, Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg)

Michael Janczyk Dr. Marek Dynowski

(Technology and development)



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